Introducing: “Off the Cuff”


Greetings readers!


It’s been quite some time since I made a post, however I am returning to the blog to announce an exciting new series. Due to increasing constraints on my time, I am starting a series called “Off the Cuff.” This series will focus on individual outfits or characters from film and TV instead of taking a broad view of the entire work. Through this series I’ll be able to make posts more frequently than I would otherwise be able to.

But don’t fear!

“Off the Cuff” will not take the place of my normal posts! Rather, I’ll be able to better polish and perfect my normal posts, making them more detailed and more informative.

That’s all for now! Make sure to keep your eyes open for new “Off the Cuff” posts!

As always,

Take care and dress well.


Introducing: “Off the Cuff”

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