Day 7: The Skirt Dilemma

This is part of a cross-blog collaboration to create a replica MTC uniform as seen in the British drama Foyle’s War. All previous posts can be found under the page entitled “The MTC Uniform: A Foyle’s War Costume Collaboration.”

The MTC Uniform: A Foyle's War Costume Collaboration

Good evening –– or, perhaps I should say “good morning,” since it’s 2:40 a.m.

Work has begun on the first draft of the skirt. It has been challenging to determine how it should look. The style used in original MTC uniforms varied slightly (perhaps by an inch or two) from each photo I’ve seen, but the theme among WW2 military skirt length is consistent with other vintage styles: low knee to mid-calf length with a minimum 2″ hem. The trouble is, I’m short – super short (5′ 3″) – so, when it comes to vintage clothing I have to be careful not to wear odd-length skirts/dresses to avoid looking like a gnome.

I am also a modern female, and though I have a fondness for vintage clothing and all things 40s, the women’s military skirt/jacket combination has always looked a bit odd to me. The skirts are usually slightly flared for ease of…

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Day 7: The Skirt Dilemma

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