Quick Thought 3: Buttons and Shout-Out!

This is part of a cross-blog collaboration to create a replica MTC uniform as seen in the British drama Foyle’s War. All previous posts can be found under the page entitled “The MTC Uniform: A Foyle’s War Costume Collaboration.”

The MTC Uniform: A Foyle's War Costume Collaboration

Warning: mini rant ahead!

I re-discovered that military button retail website I had lost a few weeks back and was debating whether or not purchasing them would be worth the cost. I also found another webpage, where the user posts pictures of buttons available for purchase, but the site doesn’t have a great layout (not even a purchase page or visible cart!), so I’ve been waiting to hear back from the admin as to how one actually places orders. Those are also large MTTC buttons (26mm), which means the rank would be inaccurate, and we’d have to settle for mismatching them with small (17mm) MTC ones from the other site – something that sounds inconsequential, but is just inaccurate enough to be irritating.

All this happened before I came to an unpleasant realization: The buttons on Sam’s uniform are actually ATS buttons, and not MTC or even MTTC. ATS buttons are 

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Quick Thought 3: Buttons and Shout-Out!

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