Days 5-6: So close!

This is part of a cross-blog collaboration to create a replica MTC uniform as seen in the British drama Foyle’s War. All previous posts can be found under the page entitled “The MTC Uniform: A Foyle’s War Costume Collaboration.”

The MTC Uniform: A Foyle's War Costume Collaboration

*Unfortunately, my camera was acting up and I couldn’t get shots on day 5, BUT I have photos from day 6, and they’re pretty similar to what we accomplished the day before, so we’re covered. 

Day 5 was very productive. After making the adjustments on day 4, we recut, sewed and assembled the pattern two more times to ensure we were on the right track. The dart realignment worked out splendidly! Now we have that straight stitched look of the original, which is quite sleek and sharp-looking.
project adds0003      project adds0002
However, there was an issue needing to be addressed: an unsightly bubbling affect along the shoulder seam – likely do to a wonky angle or dart issue with the back panels.

So, we had to make another big adjustment, leading to the construction of a new bodice…
On the second time around, Suitiful decided he’d had enough of sewing, (especially…

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Days 5-6: So close!

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