Days 3-4

This is part of a cross-blog collaboration to create a replica MTC uniform as seen in the British drama Foyle’s War. All previous posts can be found under the page entitled “The MTC Uniform: A Foyle’s War Costume Collaboration.”

The MTC Uniform: A Foyle's War Costume Collaboration

Day 3

   Given the somewhat obscure nature of the uniform stateside; I predicted that we will have to order the originals from a military hardware seller in the United Kingdom. After a good 2 hours of trolling the darkest recesses of the internet, I was able to find a British website with MTC buttons in both 26 and 17 mm sizes… but at crazy prices. This is clearly going to be a more expensive endeavor than predicted.

Meanwhile, in New York City, my mother asked me for a hopping assignment to keep her busy while my father was in his business meeting. I sent her photos of the buttons and pins we’ll need.

She subsequently spent the afternoon in the garment district looking for anything useful. She didn’t find buttons, but she did find some suit wool similar in shade to that in the original uniform.

Day 4


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Days 3-4

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